VACANCIES 2022-2023 

K-6 Classroom Teachers 

Instructional Support Specialist (Master’s Degree) 

Reading/Math Coaches (Master’s Degree) 

Special Education Resource Teacher 

Preschool Teacher 

7-12 (Content Area-Specific) Classroom Teachers 




Social Studies 

Instructional Support Specialist (7-12) 

Behavioral Interventionist 

Dyslexia Interventionist 

Special Education/Resource Teacher 

Athletic Coaches (Must be qualified to teach in a subject area) 

Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) Director 

ALE Instructional Facilitator 

Note: Standard Arkansas Teacher Certification OR

Arkansas Non-Traditional Provisional Certification in the subject area is required. Experience is preferred but not required.

Please send an application (can be downloaded from the district’s website) www.lcsd1.grsc.k12.ar.us along with a resume and certificate of licensure or an online application can be submitted. On-Line Application

Send to:
Willie Murdock, Supt.
Lee County School District

161 Walnut Street Marianna, AR 72360

Phone: 870-295-7100
Fax: 870-298-2216

An Equal Opportunity Employer